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Current Students

Students have varied opportunities to receive assistance and additional information about financial aid and scholarship offerings depending on their classification as either US (domestic) or International students (F-1 visa holders).

• UH Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid: All students who are eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid are encouraged to meet with a Financial Aid Advisor in the Welcome Center for specific assistance with the application of Federal aid, including scholarships, grants and work-study opportunities.

• International Students & Scholars Services Office: International students who hold a F-1 visa and who are not eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid are advised to meet with an International Student Advisor in the University of Houston’s International Students and Scholars Office (ISSSO) for additional information about scholarships and financial aid that are specifically awarded to international students.

• College of Architecture Scholarships: All students, regardless of their student admission classification, i.e. domestic or international students, are encouraged to apply for available scholarships that are administered through the College of Architecture. In order to be considered for available scholarships, students must complete an application for the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture General Scholarship. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to include a portfolio as a part of the application as the chances of receiving a scholarship are greatly increased with the submission of supplemental information. Completed applications should be submitted to the College of Architecture Dean’s Office. The application deadline is May 31. If this deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the next business day will serve as the FINAL deadline.

• Instructional Assistantships: This type of financial aid is offered through the College of Architecture on a limited basis. Graduate and Undergraduate students who wish to apply for available assistantship offerings must complete an Instructional Assistantship Application. Students new to the College of Architecture are advised to apply for these assistantships after they have completed their first semester or year in the program. Typically, students must have shown a proficiency in English as well as their comprehension of the subject matter for the course they intend to assist before they are assigned a course.